The breast implant in my living room.
or, Do men really like huge breast implants?

I'm a male, just in case it makes a difference while you're reading what I've written.
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The pictures of the implant were made with a flat bed scanner.

The most interesting thing in my living room is a breast implant, not a pair, just one.  So, you're wondering - where, exactly, does one obtain a non-implanted implant?  Well it's like this - I've got this friend who has a friend that works in a testing lab that just happened to be testing breast implants, and there was this whole "extra" pallet of breast implants....  And now I have one.  I don't have it implanted.  It just sits seductively on my book shelf at home. (Actually, I can't absolutely guarantee that it's a breast implant, but that's what I was originally told, and everyone who's looked at it is convinced that it couldn't possibly be anything but a breast implant.  If you have any information on this implant, please e-mail me.)
Tranparent breast implant held in man's hand. D
More than a handful?
This is a pound and a half of fake boob.
Men seem to be fascinated by this - in the same way that they're fascinated by the contents of a woman's lingerie drawer.  I had a party and all the guys took turns putting it under their shirts.  Squeezing it, bouncing it, fondling it, doing all the things that men love to do with breasts.  One by one they explored the unknown territory of breast ownership, previously inhabited only by women.  Cries of "who wants to squeeze my tit," and " Now I've got bigger tits than my ex-girlfriend," rang out.  Mock complaints of "hey man, don't squeeze my tit," and "help, I'm being sexually assaulted" were also heard from the men.
To a lesser extent the women were also stuffing their shirts with this thing.  However, their stuffing seemed to be a little more serious.   Some were testing to see if it felt real, others assessing what it did for their figure.  But overall the women were playful.  Plenty of genuine female breasts were squeezed - it seemed that padding their real breasts with the implant gave some women enough security to allow selective groping of their new silicone enhanced boob.  Men, of course, encouraged this at every opportunity.

To a lesser extent the women were also stuffing their shirts with this thing.  However, their stuffing seemed to be a little more serious.   Some were testing to see if it felt real, others assessing what it did for their figure.  But overall the women were playful.  Plenty of genuine female breasts were squeezed - it seemed that padding their real breasts with the implant gave some women enough security to allow selective groping of their new silicone enhanced boob.  Men, of course, encouraged this at every opportunity.

The implant is fascinating in its own right.  It's rather large: any girl could gain a couple cup sizes with this thing.  It's very durable.  In spite of massive abuse by drunken party-goers, it remains unscathed.  The implant is entirely transparent.  Although if you view it in good light against a white background you will see that it has a slightly yellow tint.  It has a thick rubbery shell (silicone I assume) and it's filled with a watery substance.  I'm not sure weather the filling is saline or liquid silicone.  But my guess is that it's saline.  The filling has the consistency of water - but then I don't know what consistency liquid silicone would have, so I can only guess about the filling.  There is no air inside the implant, but the implant is not filled to capacity - more filling could have been put into it. I suspect that it was only filled this far to keep it soft and pleasantly squeezable, and also to lessen the stress on the shell, thereby reducing the chance of a rupture.  If you spin it and toss it into the air all the filling flies to the perimeter and it becomes kind of doughnut shaped.  Actually, the implant looks exactly like a giant, transparent red-blood-cell when it's airborne.

Is it real, or is it Mammorex?
Computer enhanced colors help
outline the nipple / areola type
features on the rubbery shell.
The implant has (what looks like) a fake nipple and areola (the areola is the dark skin  around the nipple), but I don't think that could possibly be what they are.  I could best describe it as a very small nipple, an inner areola, and an outer areola. While still completely transparent, these parts are thicker than the rest of the shell.  I assume that these features have something to do with how the implant was filled and any trapped air relieved.  The shell is one unbroken piece and perhaps the thick areola/nipple area is where it was sealed shut after filling. I also wonder if the nipple could be some type of attachment point where a suture could be run through the implant (without causing a leak) so that it could be attached somewhere (temporarily?) to the recipients anatomy.

The implant isn't just a sack of goo.  It has a definite shape. If it's placed on a flat surface with the "nipple" pointing up or down it will become a round, flat disk.  However, if you try to place it with the nipple pointing sideways it does not sit well.  The shape becomes irregular.  It is meant to lie a certain way.  Just to the outside of the "areola" a number is stamped in the shell.  I can't get a good scan of the number; it will require special lighting.

Being an engineer, I was compelled to measure this thing and provide you with the data.  I did the best I could with some make-shift apparatus in my kitchen, and I think the results are fairly accurate.

Measurement Metric
Mass 653 grams 1.44 pounds 23.04 ounces
Volume 679 cc 41.4 cubic in 22.95 fluid oz
Density 0.962 g/cc 60.13 lb/ft^3 0.557 oz/in^3
Diameter of implant * 167 mm 6.57 in
Thickness of implant * 34.5 mm 1.36 in
Diameter of "nipple" 7 mm 0.28 in
Diameter of "inner areola" 39 mm 1.54 in
Diameter of "outer areola" 55 mm 2.17 in
* As measured while laying flat on a table top.

The most interesting thing to notice is that a gal getting a pair of these things implanted will gain about 3 pounds!  The implant has a density very close to that of water.  I determined the volume by water displacement.  Because the implant is slightly less dense than water (specific gravity of 0.962 vs. 1.000) I had to weight it down with a glass beaker to stop it from floating.  One corner kept popping up above the surface.
Implant being aggressively squeezed and distorted.
Don't squeeze the Charmin - I mean implant!
It's soft and squeezable - a lot like a real breast (or at least some of the real ones I've squeezed).  Squeezing it is actually a great deal of fun!  But I wonder how fun it is for the women to have it squeezed (or fondled, sucked, etc.) once it has been implanted.  Some of the minor side effects that women risk are: loss of sensitivity, painful hardening of the implant or surrounding tissue, difficulty breast feeding, and difficulty having mammograms taken.  There are on-going lawsuits regarding the long term safety of implants.  Implants have not really been around that long.  The medical community does not have life long history on implant patients.  How will your implants be forty or fifty years from now?  No one knows for sure - they're just making their best educated guess, because there is no long term data available. I'd really hate to start dating a woman, fall in love with her, and then discover that she has implants that are causing her lots of trouble and might require painful or disfiguring surgery to remove.  I'd rather spend the effort helping a woman accept her boobs the way they are rather than help her through the trauma of implant removal surgery.
Hurt me, hurt me, whip me, beat me, make me get implants. Clothes pin clipped onto implant.
But on the lighter side: if you have those big, plastic- filled, reduced-sensitivity breasts, at least clothespins on the nipples wouldn't hurt so much!

As a guy who occasionally ventures into a strip joint under the pretext of male bonding, I have seen a few implant jobs.  Usually they're not too hard to pick out, in fact they're awfully hard to miss.  Most of the "surgically enhanced" breasts that I've seen just don't look real. They tend to be too full and too firm.  Let's face it, breast tissue is mostly fat.  Mammary glands (the parts of the breast that produce milk) aren't very big.  A flat chested woman can produce just as much milk as a woman with natural D cups.  The rest of the breast is mostly fat.  Those nice full, soft, squeezable breasts you like so much are just blobs of fat.  Petite women with low body fat tend to have small breasts, while heavier women tend to have larger breasts.  Of course this isn't always the case, but it is the general trend.

Many petite strippers with lean bodies who have C or D cup breasts have implants.  Some of the B cups might be implants too.  A tiny, thin frame with huge tits just doesn't occur that often naturally. Whenever I see this, I look for the obvious signs of implants: scars. Implant scars are common under each breast where the breast meets the abdomen or around the areolas.  I understand that there is also a method of placing implants through an incision made in the armpit, but I don't spend too much time staring at armpits, so I've never noticed any armpit scars.

The other thing I notice is the unnatural fullness and firmness of "enhanced" breasts.  Natural breasts have at least a little "sag".  When a woman with large natural breasts lies on her back, her breasts will flatten out a bit and fall the to sides.  When she leans forward her breast will hang down away from her abdomen.  When she dances they will jiggle a bit.  I've seen implant enhanced breasts that don't move. No matter how the stripper dances, moves, or lies, the breasts hardly move or change shape.  They're just fixed to her chest like the nose cones from a pair of rockets.  These big implanted boobs just aren't the right shape.  They're too round and full on the top.  They really are like rocket nose cones, while real breasts are more teardrop shaped - gravity has an effect and causes a little natural sag.

Just to be fair - I'm sure there are some really well done boob jobs that have completely fooled me.  I'm sure there are some surgeons who do a great job.  And most women don't want giant-sized boobs - I'm sure more moderate implants look more natural.

Some implants may be done for purely economic reasons.  Strippers, porn stars, or models might get implants simply because it increases the price they can demand or increases the number of work opportunities that they have.  Some breast implants are done for prosthetic reasons - to replace a breast that had to be removed because of breast cancer or when the two breasts differ greatly in size for natural reasons. But most are probably done for reasons of low self-esteem.  Women put themselves under so much pressure to look good.  If they don't live up to some so-called "standard" that men, or society, or the fashion industry, or whoever have supposedly imposed, they may feel unattractive or sexually inadequate because their breasts are not as large as the models in Playboy's centerfolds.  It's sad to think that millions of women have put somebody else's idea of beauty ahead of their own feelings about themselves.

Wendy Whoppers topless - unnaturally enormous boobs. D
Porn start Wendy Whoppers
displays her two biggest assets.
I mentioned porn stars in the last paragraph. Wendy Whoppers is a great example of just how far breast implants can be taken.  She is one of a number of female porn stars catering to the huge breast fanatic.  Her implants are so massive that the areolas and the skin between her breasts (over her sternum) have been severely stretched.  She will probably have them removed some day when she retires from the porno industry.  I would love to interview her. I wonder if she even has any sensitivity left in her breasts?  Are they numb, painful, heavy?  I'm sure they weigh a lot.  I wonder if she gets back aches?  Can she sleep on her stomach?  Actually, can she sleep comfortably at all?  Can she do a monthly "self breast exam" to check for cancerous lumps?  Those breasts must interfere with everyday tasks - I wonder if she has trouble sitting at a computer and typing?  I'm sure she also needs custom clothing.  I wonder if she goes out in public a lot?  I'm sure that people must stare a lot if she does.  Do they make comments?  Does she like the attention?  How is her life different now that she has huge boobs? Do men approach her on the street to ask her out?  Do some people call her a freak?  I think she has a beautiful face, and she has a thin body too.  I'm sure she was beautiful before
Wendy Whoppers' dress can barely contain her huge boobs. D
I have a feeling that Wendy might
have trouble buying off the rack!
 the implants.  I hope she only has the implants for financial reasons.  I hope that she's not so screwed up that she thinks she needs to go to this extent to get attention or somehow to please people.  But unfortunately I suspect that there is more than just money behind the implants.

Wendy Whoppers is not alone. There's a whole industry full of porn stars with impossibly huge breast implants.  Just take a walk through your local adult book store or browse the adult section where you rent videos. 

By visiting any large adult book/video store you will see that men have a huge range of fantasies.  The diverse range of titles and subjects you'll find are testimony to this fact.  The porno industry is about money.  They're not going to publish a magazine covering some "unusual " topic unless there is a market for it.  Some guys would like nothing more than to date a girl just like Wendy Whoppers.

A-cup Cutie, Tammi Ann, topless, very small boobs. D
Petite porn star Tammi Ann:
One of the "A-cup cuties."
Tammi Ann wearing a white lace bra and panities.  All natural, nothing wasted here! D
Slender women like this usually 
do not have large breasts.
Some guys prefer just exactly the opposite - small breasts.  Take a look at Tammi Ann.  She's a successful porn star and she's pretty close to being flat-chested.  In fact this is one of her "big" selling points.  Unlike Wendy Whoppers, I'm sure that Tammi Ann does not need custom tailored clothing.  In fact she could get by quite easily without a bra.

I'm not a woman - I don't feel the pressures to look good that some women say is so pervasive in our culture, but fake breasts are NOT a turn on for me.  I can be sexually excited by some strange things, but plastic boobs just aren't one of them.  When I'm with a woman I'm content to enjoy what she has to offer - within limits of course. I've had great sex with nearly flat-chested women - and I've also had great sex with large breasted women.  I've had some bad sex too; one had A-cup breasts, another had D-cups.  As one of my good friends said "I don't understand guys who are into big boobs - that's just not the business end."  When it comes to sex, breast size isn't that important to me, the attitude of my partner is what really makes the biggest difference 

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