"the bomb"

noun:  usage similar to "the best"
adjective:  usage similar to "great"

definition:  "the bomb" = one that exhibits excellence.

"The bomb" is a flattering term.  If someone calls you "the bomb," you have received a compliment.  "The bomb" is normally placed at the end of a sentence or phrase.

usage examples:

- You are the bomb.
- Having sex with her would be the bomb.
- Your car is the bomb.
- That roller-coaster ride was the bomb.
- What do you mean, "she's the bomb?"  I thought I
   was the bomb.
synonyms (words with the same meaning):
great, wonderful, remarkable, outstanding, awesome, excellent, desirable, pleasing, glorious, dazzling, magnificent, marvelous, wonderful, terrific, sensational, stupendous, superb, amazing...

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