An Interview with super boob porn star
Wendy Whoppers!

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Wendy in a sexy see-through! Photo Credit: Unknown? - from Usenet Wendy was kind enough to agree to an interview, and answered all 46 of the questions that I submitted to her via e-mail.  It took her less than one day to send the answers back!  This interview was conducted on November 24, 1997.  At that time her e-mail address was:, but I don't know if it's valid any longer.

Wendy runs her own adult web sight at:  She has some free samples and an extensive members (pay) collection.

Her site has a Q&A page where Wendy already has answers to many common questions about herself.  I didn't ask much about topics she's already covered there - why be redundant!

Overall, I'm impressed with Wendy's answers - I think that she'd be a really cool person to know.

Enjoy the interview!

My questions are in graythirteen =
Wendy's answers are in pinkWendy = Wendy Whoppers.
My comments added afterwards are in [italic gray].

Part 1 - Questions about Wendy (1-13).
Part 2 - Questions about implants and very large breasts (14-29).
Part 3 - Questions about Wendy's Career: Films, Fame, and Stripping (30-46).


( 1 ) thirteen: According to your bio, you're 29 years old.  You must have been born in 1968?  Can you tell us your exact date of birth?

Wendy: August 13  [1968]
( 2 ) thirteen: What's your horoscope sign?  Do you think your sign accurately describes your personality?

Wendy: Leo, yes.

[ Interviewer note:
After a little research, I've put together this summary of Leo characteristics:]

Leo (July 23 - August 23)

Leo is symbolized by the lion - the "King of beasts".  Leo is the sign of royalty and Leos exhibit both the appealing traits and the unwelcome flaws associated with royalty.  They are courageous, dominant, strong-willed, positive, independent, and self-confident.

Leos are approval/admiration/attention junkies.  This need for attention combined with their creative powers makes them natural actors and actresses.  Leos have that special "star quality."  They are gregarious, fun-loving, and enthusiastic in their approach to life.  At times they may seem self-centered and are not always the best judges of character.

Leos ambition and love of power make them natural leaders.  Although at times, this ambition can seem arrogant, rude, or opinionated.  Overall, Leos tend to be "high maintenance."  Leos have a passion for luxury.  They feel that they deserve the best - they expect it - and they often get it!  They can be extravagant and dislike manual labor.

Being the fifth sign, Leo rules the fifth House: the house of pleasure.
The house of pleasure encompasses (among other things) romance, children, and gambling (possibly a Las Vegas connection ?).  Leos have a strong sex drive, typically have numerous love affairs, and are sincere and generous to their lovers while love lasts.

Leos can be susceptible to heart problems or back pain.

The golden yellow color of the sun or a lion's fur coat are associated with Leos.  One profile included blonde, curly hair; a rosy complexion, and blue or gray eyes as common Leo traits.

( 3 ) thirteen: I think most people would imagine adult film stars as wild teenagers.  What were you like as a teenager?

Wendy: I was always an honor role student. Quiet most of the time until I was about 16, then I started being "wild".
( 4 ) thirteen: If it's not too personal, how old were you when you lost your virginity?  Any interesting stories about it?

Wendy: 15.  It wasn't too interesting, unless you consider getting your head stuck under a steering wheel entertaining.
( 5 ) thirteen: What was your favorite subject in school?  Your least favorite?

Wendy: Fav subjects: English & Art       Least fav: Spanish
( 6 ) thirteen: You mention Lisa Lipps as one of your favorite co-stars.  There are some stories about the two of you raising hell together.  Is Lisa just a friend / co-worker or is / was there a romantic connection between the two of you?

Wendy: Lisa and I have been friends for years. We met at a photo shoot in Palm Springs, CA in 92.  We have been friends ever since. We were roomies in Vegas for about a year. We are not lovers off screen. Yes, we love to raise hell together! She is a great person and very funny. She cracks me up.
( 7 ) thirteen: In your FAQ, you describe yourself as bi-sexual (with a preference for men). Were you ever "with" a woman before you started working in adult films?  Have you always been attracted to women?

Wendy: Yes, I was with a couple women before film. I think women are beautiful. But I am very picky about any woman I would want to have sex with. I just don't find to many I consider exactly what I am looking for.
( 8 ) thirteen: Do you see marriage or children in your future?  Would you like to be a mother?  And the big question...  If you have children will you breast feed them?

Wendy: I am divorced.  I would consider getting married again.
I have 2 boys.  Ages 8 yrs. and 17 months old.  No I never breast fed.
( 9 ) thirteen: It sounds like you have a full house even without kids.  You have a dog, a puppy, a cat, and 20 fish.  What can you tell us about your 23 furry / finny friends?

Wendy: I have 2 dogs, Nikita, he's a 6 yr old chow / retriever mix and Kaley, a 20 week old German Shepherd pup.  My cat died about 3 weeks ago.  He was 12.  My fish are all in the Cichlid family. I've been collecting them for about 5 years.  I've had lots of pets over the years even rabbits, ducks, birds, ferrets and a chinchilla.
( 10 ) thirteen: Every year, many ,many animals are kill at animal shelters because they don't get adopted by new owners.  Obviously this is something you feel strongly about.  Your web site has this message:
" If you are considering purchasing a new puppy or kitten, please think about adopting one from your local animal shelter first.  They need homes the most!!! "
Are you interested in other animal rights or animal welfare issues?

Wendy: I love animals very much and have taken in lots of sick and abused dogs.  I keep them until they are healthy and properly trained and find them a home.  I have also purchased and donated several German Shepherds to be used as guide dogs for the blind.  I have had up to five dogs living with me at once. I hope to able to still do this in the future.
( 11 ) thirteen: What was your position in your family - Only child? Oldest? Youngest?

Wendy: Middle child of three.  I have 1 brother and 1 sister.
( 12 ) thirteen: What are your favorite foods?

Wendy: Mashed potatoes, broccoli, Souvlaki, and Japanese food.

[Interviewer note: 
I didn't know what Souvlaki was, so I checked some recipes and here's the simple definition that I came up with...

Souvlaki:  Greek shish-kebob  -  marinated, seasoned meat (often lamb) skewered then grilled or barbecued.  Often served with a cucumber dip (Tzatziki). ]
( 13 ) thirteen: When a woman wants to look sexy, she has lots of choices - high heels, short skirts, lingerie, etc.  But choices for men are more limited.  What kind of clothes do you like to see on men?  Also, do you prefer guys in boxers or briefs?

Wendy: I like men to look comfortable, jeans and a nice shirt.  Anything looks good on a guy even sweats as long as it looks clean and neat.  I think the sexiest underwear on men (I'm not sure what you call them) are the boxer briefs that look like shorts but are tight.

[ Interviewer note:
"Boxer Briefs" is the correct name - see picture. ]


( 14 ) thirteen: At 5'-1" and 101 pounds you're a petite woman.  Did you have trouble finding clothes that would fit your petite frame and 80HHH breasts?

Wendy: No, not really because I have such a small back, shirts still fit me because my boobs took up the room that would normally be taken up by a larger back.  I just couldn't buy any one piece dresses unless they were stretchy like spandex.
( 15 ) thirteen: What about those bras?  They must be custom made?

Wendy: I purchased mine either at a store in Houston that carries them or by mail order.
( 16 ) thirteen: I'd guess that jogging would be right out of the question with 80HHH breasts?

Wendy: I never jogged before I had them but I still went to the gym and was able to work out with no problem.
( 17 ) thirteen: Did large 80HHH breasts interfere with your everyday activities?  Was it difficult to type at your computer, steer your car, or hug a friend, etc.

Wendy: Not really.  You learn to make adjustments.  The only thing really uncomfortable was sex.  It's not easy for someone to lay on top of you.  But, hey, there are plenty of other positions!
( 18 ) thirteen: Can you sleep comfortably on your stomach with such large breasts?

Wendy: No, it makes your spines hurt.
( 19 ) thirteen: What was your bra size before you got implants?

Wendy: 34B
( 20 ) thirteen: Did men react differently to you before and after your first implants?

Wendy: Men look at boobs no matter what size they are. I danced when I had real boobs.  Although I did make more money after the first enlargement.
( 21 ) thirteen: How many implant procedures have you had?  Can you describe them?

Wendy: I have had 5 so far.  4 to increase, 1 to decrease.  The first one was 320 cc's (silicone) which made me a D cup.  The next was 800 cc's (silicone) which was like a EE cup then 1700 cc's and the last enlargement was 3000 cc's.

The last 2 surgeries I had a bag called a Double Lumin.  Which is what most of the "big boob" girls have.  It's has a bag of 1000 cc's of silicone that is inside of another bag.  The outer bag has a valve which is used to fill the implant with saline.  You keep the same implant and have more saline added to it when you want to enlarge.  These bags are no longer available as they are considered dangerous.  The surgeon is not supposed to over fill the bag beyond a certain amount of cc's, but they do.  Now there are some girls who want the huge boobs but can't buy that implant anymore.  So they are doing something (I have to say this to them) which is so dangerous and does not look good.  They are having more than one implant put in each boob. Stacking them on top of each other.  So let me say this to them: the money you make dancing is not worth the risk, those stacked implants look hideous.  I know!  The "big boob" craze is not what it used to be.  You will never make the amount of money you think you will.  A few of us "big boob" girls just got lucky and we hit the scene at the right time and became popular.  We also did films.  When girls tell you they are making $10,000 a week because they have big boobs, they are lying.

I know what just about every girl in this business gets paid per week.  Remember I have been doing this for 11 years now! If you think "ok fine, then I will get them and do film like you did."  Think again, me, Lisa and Tiffany were the first busty girls to jump into film.  It worked for us for that reason.  Anyone who followed did not get the money or promotion we did.  It was a fad like everything else in this biz.  There are a lot of big boob girls sitting at home right now wishing they had a booking at a club and when they do get one, the pay is what I consider low.  I made that starting out as a feature with small boobs.  So if you want to make money, work on your show not your chest! Learn how to dance!  You can't jump on the big boob bandwagon, somewhere along the road it got a flat.

( 22 ) thirteen: Do you have any advice for women who are thinking about getting breast implants?

Wendy: I don't have anything against implants (normal ones) Just know the surgeon, look at his work.  Find a girl has has a great boob job and check out her surgeon.  A great place to look is strip clubs.
( 23 ) thirteen: One story that I read about you said, "Wendy weighed 93 lbs. before her breast enlargement and ballooned up to 107 lbs. afterwards."  If that's true, your breast implants must weigh an astonishing 14 pounds!  Do they really weigh that much?

Wendy: I'm not sure how much they weighed, but they were heavy.  The most I have ever weighed (not counting pregnancy) is 103.
( 24 ) thirteen: Do you know the cc (cubic centimeter) size of your implants?

Wendy: 3000 cc's was the most I had.
( 25 ) thirteen: With such large breasts, you must get constant attention in public.  It must be difficult to "blend" into the crowd.  Was all this attention a problem for you?

Wendy: Yes, because I have children.  I didn't want people staring and making comments in front of them.  I always wore a jacket when out.  I sweated my ass of in the summer!
( 26 ) thirteen: This is a silly question - when you go swimming, do 80HHH breasts help you float or make you sink?

Wendy: They float a little not enough to float a person, they just lift up a tiny bit.
( 27 ) thirteen: Did some people think your 80HHH breasts were natural?  Were they surprised or disappointed when you got the new, smaller implants.

Wendy: Yes, there were a lot of people who who come up and say "those are real, I can tell."  If anyone asked I told them.  A lot of guys are disappointed about the smaller ones.  But hey, they aren't the ones carrying them.  Some like them better now and say they were to big before.  I still think they are too big for my body and it's obvious they are fake.  I am not dancing anymore so I really don't need them or want them.
( 28 ) thirteen: You're obviously not afraid to change your appearance when it suits you.  For example, your hair has gone from curly blonde to long, straight platinum, and now to black.

Have you considered (or had) any cosmetic surgery other than the breast implants to change your appearance?

Wendy: I've had blonde hair since I was born.  I think it looks better dark and people treat you differently with dark hair.  My mom hates the dark hair, she is so used to my being a blonde.  My hair is naturally super straight.  I do curl it sometimes for a change but most of the time it's straight.

I haven't really done anything else cosmetically to my body, I had my teeth capped about 5 years ago.  The rest is all me!  I'm happy with my body (except the boobs) the way it is now and have no plans to change anything else.
( 29 ) thirteen: Other than your breasts, do you have likes or dislikes about any parts of your body?

Wendy: No, but sometimes it would be nice to be taller.  I'm glad platforms are back in style!


( 30 ) thirteen: You started your career as a stripper.  What stage name(s) did you use when you were first stripping?

Wendy: When I was a house-girl, I danced by the names April and Lacey.  When I first started featuring I went by the name Tommy Tatas.
( 31 ) thirteen: What was it like the very first time you stripped?  Were you nervous?

Wendy: Very nervous.  After a month in the dance business you learn a lot and your dancing skills greatly increase.
( 32 ) thirteen: What's your favorite club to strip at?

Wendy: There are just so many clubs.  I don't have an all time favorite.  But the clubs that were the most fun were made that way because of the great girls, dj's, and managers who worked there. Some favorites are The Pink Poodle, San Jose, / Platinum, Dallas TX / The Excalibur, Columbus, Ohio / Pure Platinum, FL and all the Crazy Horse and Tiffany's clubs.
( 33 ) thirteen: You're not making many strip club appearances and you've stopped making films.  Are you planning to drop out of the industry altogether?

Wendy: I am just working on the internet right now, but I will be producing a couple of my own videos in the near future.  I'd rather be at home with my new son, he needs a mother more than the world needs another feature.
( 34 ) thirteen: In some of your earlier films, you used the name Tommy Tatas.  Why did you decide to change your name to Wendy Whoppers?

Wendy: I never did any adult films under that name, only one strip video.
( 35 ) thirteen: Some celebrities have said that fame is a mixed blessing.  It's nice to be admired, but your privacy is constantly invaded and some fans can be very rude:

Have you had unpleasant encounters with fanatic admirers or have you ever been stalked by one?

Wendy: Yes, I've had to deal with a few stalkers and psychos that actually believed they were married to me or had a fixation on killing me.  I've gotten tons of religious mail and threatening mail.  I've had guys outside my hotel room throwing rocks at the window.  One person broke into my hotel room and the next day my truck got stolen.  I have a feeling it was the same person.  Plenty of crazy shit.  One guy even scaled the walls of a club got into the ceiling and was running around trying to figure out how to get in the dressing room when he fell through the ceiling onto a girl giving a table dance.
( 36 ) thirteen: Suppose one of your fans recognizes you somewhere in public and wants to meet you to say hello:

A:  How could they approach you in a way that wouldn't make you uncomfortable.

B:  What should they avoid doing.

C:  Or, would you just prefer to be left alone.

Wendy: I don't mind people saying "hi" but if I am out trying to relax I don't want to answer a million questions about the porno biz or discuss who has the biggest weenie.  Just like anyone who is off work hours, it's time to forget about work.
( 37 ) thirteen: I'm sure that everybody in the adult film industry has been asked this question at one time or another, here goes...

How did your family and friends react when they found out you were appearing in adult films.

Wendy: Anyone who was really my friend still is and my family doesn't care.  They realize that I am an adult capable of making my own decisions.
( 38 ) thirteen: Do you think that acting in adult films gives people a warped sense of who you are?  Do men (or women) proposition you often?

Wendy: Guys definitely treated me differently after doing films.  They seem to think you just go around having sex all day and want to screw anyone.  They also feel that they have the right to talk to you an any way.  That you are no longer a human just a whore.

I do get a lot of propositions of money for sex. guys say "what's the difference? you do it on film."  Big difference.  I did all my films within a 6 month period.  It was never my life and I've never been a prostitute.

( 39 ) thirteen: Some people say that adult films are degrading to women.  What do you think about this?

Wendy: They can be degrading if the women let it.  It depends what each girl considers degrading.  I didn't do anything I was not comfortable with and no one should.  I didn't do facials in my films because I consider it to be degrading and more of a risk of catching HIV with semen contact in the mouth or eye.  What I do at home with a trusted & tested lover is different.
( 40 ) thirteen: I've seen several of your films, but by no means all of them.  I've noticed that there aren't very many oral or facial cum shots in your films.  Do you prefer not to do these?

Wendy: same as above
( 41 ) thirteen: On your web site, you discuss you personal sex life and described yourself as "a bad little girl" who's into "bondage and S&M".  Have you ever made a hard-core bondage film?  Would you consider doing one?

Wendy: No, I haven't made a film like that because the pay was too low.  But I don't have a problem with doing it.
( 42 ) thirteen: What advice would you give to a woman who's thinking about stripping or acting in adult films?

Wendy: There's nothing wrong with doing it as long as you know what you are getting into and what the risks are.
( 43a ) thirteen: The adult film industry has a (rumored) dark side - drugs, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), emotional problems, etc.  How have you avoided the pitfalls?

Wendy: Drugs have never been a part of my life and never will be. Look at how many lives drugs have destroyed. I love myself and my kids to much for that.

To avoid STD, I used condoms in the majority of my films and made sure the people I worked with had current HIV tests.

You have to be emotionally stable before you do films. I waited until I was
older and sure instead of jumping in at 18.

( 43b ) thirteen: Do you think porn stars are troubled people or does the media just glorify it when bad things happen to them?

Wendy: It's 50/50.  There are some troubled people in the biz and a lot of normal ones too. But there are also a lot of doctors and other professionals who are drug addicts, not just porn stars.  I don't think the media gives a shit what happens to anyone in the biz unless they are sleeping with a celebrity.
( 44 ) thirteen: Have you made a lot of money in the business?

Wendy: I have been in it for 11 years so yes. More than I would have made in a normal job.
( 45 ) thirteen: You said you've lost count of the exact number of movies you're in.  In some movies you have sex with several partners.  How many sex partners do you think you've had - what's your best guess?

Wendy: The movies are hard to count because the video companies use the same scenes over and over so many times with a different box cover.

I haven't slept with as many people at home as I have on film. But I don't have an exact #.

( 46 ) thirteen: Now that you're doing business online, do you have any thoughts about the CDA (communication decency act), free speech online, or protecting kids from online sex?

Wendy: I believe in free speech for adults and adults only.  Sex should not be exposed to those underage.  I hate that kids access adult sites and are preyed on by perverts on AOL.  All I can do is post a warning at the beginning of my site and hope that their parents instilled enough values in them that they wouldn't be looking for adult sights in the first place.  When someone underage e-mails me I let them know that my conversations are for adults only and that I can't talk to them about anything.  I wish there was way to get rid of the kiddie porn sites, these man/boy organizations and bestiality sites.  I don't consider that free speech.  Taking advantage of those who don't have the wisdom or mind power to make adult or human decisions is not free speech it is rape, mentally and physically.
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